Ricardo Chamon

Ricardo Chamon works in both tax and corporate areas, with over 25 years of experience dealing with consulting, planning, administrative and judicial litigation, liability management and asset recovery procedures, mergers and acquisitions, complex negotiations, investment structuring, investment funds and corporate restructuring. He has deep ability to combine legal knowledge with accounting, economic and financial matters, as well as business management procedures and routines, which gives him greater scope of action, especially in complex scenarios and structures, and also greater ease of interaction with other practice areas of law and also with professionals, both executives and consultants, dedicated to other areas of activity.

Fluent in English and with diverse experience in operations involving foreigners of different nationalities, both companies and individuals, he has worked for the last 15 years with an emphasis on continuous counseling for family groups in procedures of professionalization, expansion, restructuring, internationalization, sales and succession planning.

In the last 5 years, especially due to the Brazilian economic context, he has been working with increasing intensity in operations involving stressed assets and related to “special situations” in general.

Rafael Serrano

Rafael Serrano works in the areas of tax consulting and litigation with an emphasis on corporate restructuring, M&A (including due diligence), debt restructuring, tax and succession planning. He has experience in helping companies from the most diverse segments, such as energy, technology, retail, industry and services.

As a result of his experience in auditing companies (Big 4) and additional degree in Accounting, he has a solid background in the analysis of the accounting effects of operations, including monitoring the constant innovations of Brazilian accounting standards in the face of harmonization with international accounting standards (IFRS).

He has experience in federal tax litigation (including oral arguments in the Administrative Council of Tax Appeals – CARF), in negotiating tax transactions before the National Treasury Attorney, and in conducting inspections with tax authorities.

Rafael holds a degree in Law from the Catholic University of Santos and in Accounting from Universidade Paulista. Rafael Serrano is also postgraduate and postgraduating, respectively, in Tax Law and International Tax Law at IBDT – Brazilian Institute of Tax Law.

Ricardo Amorim

Ricardo Amorim works in the area of ​​insolvency (debt restructuring and renegotiations, judicial recoveries, extrajudicial recoveries and bankruptcies), corporate judicial litigation and arbitration. He currently works with Brazil’s main financial institutions and investment funds in debt restructuring and credit recovery procedures.

He has experience in the investigation and dismantling of patrimonial shields and also focuses on “special situations” and, therefore, advises investors on the acquisition of illiquid assets, as well as on structured transactions. He acted on behalf of an investor in one of the largest M&A cases made possible within a judicial recovery procedure ever carried out in Brazil.


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