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Tax, Civil and Corporate Litigation and Consulting

  • Negotiation and drafting of corporate acts and contracts;
  • Preparation of opinions on contractual, corporate and tax matters;
  • Compliance with the review of tax and corporate routines;
  • Review of specific operations from contractual, corporate and tax perspectives;
  • Resolution of corporate disputes;
  • Arbitration;
  • Defense in administrative and judicial proceedings, including all stages of the litigation;
  • Tax transactions, procedural legal transactions and installment payment programs’ procedures;
  • Assistance in negotiations with tax authorities.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Investment Raising

  • Analysis, discussions and implementation of all preparatory measures for M&A (contractual, corporate and tax);
  • Due diligence;
  • Analysis and discussion of the results of due diligence accounting and tax due diligence;
  • Definition of corporate and tax modeling;
  • Negotiations with involved parties and in interface with financial advisors;
  • Drafting of all acts and contracts necessary;
  • Post-closing routines.

Corporate Restructuring

  • Business implementation, expansion and restructuring;
  • Definition of the ideal legal format;
  • Project feasibility studies;
  • Search for contractually safe and fiscally efficient models.

Restructuring and Recovery of Credits and Corporate Litigation

  • Insolvency treatment (debt restructuring and renegotiation, judicial recovery procedures, extrajudicial recovery procedures and bankruptcies);
  • Corporate judicial litigation and arbitration;
  • Structuring of acquisition operations and investments in assets inserted in insolvency environments;
  • Design and development of credit acquisitions, whether financial or precatory; investigation and dismantling of patrimonial shields;
  • Search for legal and business solutions to credit problems;
  • Interface with committees of creditors undergoing judicial reorganization;
  • Acting on fiscal councils in joint stock companies.

Tax and Succession Planning

  • Analysis of operations (internal or transnational) from the perspective of direct, indirect, social security and customs taxes;
  • Review of corporate and tax structures;
  • Analysis of tax inefficiencies;
  • Evaluation and modeling of new structures, contractual arrangements and remuneration of partners/shareholders;
  • Assessment of tax regimes and tax benefits, obtainment of special regimes, amongst many other aspects;
  • Analysis and discussion of needs, characteristics and intended content for the succession matters;
  • Understanding of usable tools and possible succession scenarios;
  • Preparation of the acts and contracts necessary for the implementation of the structure defined for the succession;
  • Interface with financial advisors and family law attorneys.

Structuring of Investment Funds

  • Definition of the ideal investment structure and constitution of the appropriate vehicles;
  • Definition and contracting of the parties involved in the management, administration and custodya;
  • Discussion and elaboration of regulations and eventual agreements of shareholders/investors;
  • Migration of assets to the defined structure.

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