Leonardo Nobuo Pereira Egawa

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Egawa has been serving financial institutions since 2013, with extensive experience in civil litigation and strategic business, with expertise in identifying property/corporate fraud, especially in the context of credit recoveries, reorganization and bankruptcies, with national action, in all procedural phases and all instances. He holds a Post-Graduate degree in Business Law from FGV/SP, a Post-graduate in the New Code of Civil Procedure from FADI/SP and graduated from the same institution. He holds an Executive Extension course in Judicial Reorganization and Bankruptcy by EPM/SP and in Civil Procedural Law from FGV/SP, in addition to having been a Special Student in Commercial Law from USP/SP and Hearing Student in Commercial Law from PUC/SP. He is member and Head of Events of the Special Committee on Banking Law of OAB/SP, Advisory Rapporteur of the 1st Recursal Chamber of OAB/SP and Rapporteur of the 1st Chamber of Pecuniary Benefits of CAASP. He is the author of Legal Articles and Speaker.