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Find out how we can help your business and how we operate within different companies.


Crucial to the development of any company, tax law, given its complexity in Brazil, demands experienced professionals with advanced technical expertise. We offer the following services in this area:

• Consulting
• Planning
• Administrative and judicial litigation
• International taxation
• Customs


• Assistance in analysis, discussion and implementation of preliminary measures
• Due diligence
• Analysis of the accounting and tax due diligence results
• Assistance in corporate and tax model´s choice
• Support throughout the entire negotiation process and in interfacing with involved parties and investment banks
• Drafting all related agreements and contracts
• Monitoring of post-closing routines


Incorporating and maintaining companies in Brazil, analyzing contracts and the range of issues involved in corporate and contractual law:

• Negotiation and drafting of corporate agreements and commercial contracts
• Legal advice for corporate and contractual matters
• Assistance in compliance and review of corporate practices
• Analysis, drafting and implementation of corporate transactions involving incorporation, spin-off, merger, reduction of capital, exchange of stocks, etc.


Keeping a business competitive in the market often requires restructuring and investments. We handle this area and offer the following services:

• Assistance in identifying the ideal legal format for the implementation, expansion or restructuring of businesses
• Assistance in carrying out feasibility studies for projects and in identifying contractually secure and fiscally efficient models
• Site seeking and negotiation with government agencies responsible for granting incentives and subsidies to new projects


Structuring investment funds in the most diverse domestic and international business transactions is also part of our services:

• Assistance in identifying the ideal investment structure and appropriate vehicles (FIC, FIP, FII, FIDC, etc.)
• Assistance in hiring of parties involved in management, administration and custody
• Discussion and drafting of regulations and possible quotas/investment agreements
• Advice on migrating assets to the created structure


• Analysis of needs, characteristics and intended content
• Presentation of usable tools, practical example cases and possible scenarios
• Drafting of necessary agreements and contracts and implementation of the chosen structures
• Interface with financial advisors and with lawyers specialized in family law


• Review and assistance in the legal management of asset structures abroad
•Tax, corporate and estate planning
• Solutions in the international field for new projects
• Monitoring of the constitution or restructuring of corporate and fiduciary structures abroad
• Monitoring existing structures, changes and their effects on tax and regulatory ends in Brazil
• Drafting or revision of the annual tax return and regulatory reports (Brazilian Central Bank)