CSA approach
From strategy to implementation,
contemplating multiple
operation layers


Alignment on the strategic

We delve into understanding the client’s strategic objectives

This is a stage of strategic discussions and reflections with the key people of our clients:
  • Alignment on the diagnosis and respective internal motivations;
  • Joint construction of future scenarios. Validation of strategic objectives;

Technical diagnosis and scenario analysis in all dimensions of the business

Our experts delve into the legal aspects of the project:
  • Current legal structures’ analysis;
  • Understanding of economic, accounting and financial correlations;
  • Alignment and construction of premises for the design of solutions.



The design of operations is materialized in the legal modeling phase, in which all interdisciplinary aspects are considered to mitigate risks and leverage opportunities.


and solution monitoring

  • Transfer of Know-How to leaders;
  • Definition of routines aiming the client’s autonomy to proceed with the operation;
  • Conduction of complex negotiations;
  • Exploration of multidisciplinary synergies, adding knowledge on finance, economics and accounting matters to the legal elements.